Narrative_ is an advertising agency that operates like an innovation lab. We experiment and develop strategic, creative, and innovative solutions against a brand’s business and cultural needs. It is our job to identify the white space in order to make it ownable for the brand. Then, we innovate tastefully through cultural connections, influencer marketing, product development, tech, content creation, experiential, digital and social campaigns/experiences. A story is something you tell , a narrative is something you experience, and brands are defined by how we experience them. In order to create real engagement, we must empower people to become active participants in our brands. At Narrative___ everything we make begins with an invitation, which we call a CTE — a Call to Experience. We’re bent on using the power of tech and culture to bring the dialogue between brands and consumers to the next level. We have assembled a cross-disciplinary, savvy, and dynamic team that is rewarded for invention and entrepreneurship. Our team is designed to disrupt. We are mandated to stay culturally captivated, strategically rooted, creatively led, and technologically native. This team has spearheaded the creation of unprecedented integrated campaigns with the world’s largest brands including Under Armour, Samsung, Universal Pictures, and JCPenney.