The Happy Vegan

A Guide to Living a Long, Healthy, and Successful Life

By Russell Simmons
With Chris Morrow

We are all born with happiness inside us. We just have to remind ourselves how to find it. That mission has been at the heart of everything that Russell Simmons does.

Whether he is making records with Def Jam, clothing with ArgyleCulture, building a multi-platform media company with All Def Digital (ADD), or best-selling books with Penguin Random House, entrepreneur, hip-hop mogul and activist Simmons has always sought joy and the opportunity to bring positive change into other’s lives.

The Happy Vegan, (Avery, November 3, 2015) fulfills Simmons’ mission. It promises to not just change your life, but to save it too.

In this game-changing guide to veganism, Simmons reveals information that will likely shock—and even disturb—some readers. But it’s information not only backed by science, but also Simmons’ personal experience. Documenting his evolution from someone who abused his body with animal products, drugs, and other toxins to someone committed to a non-harming lifestyle, Simmons generously recounts his embrace of this compassionate, spiritual, and healthy approach to life.

Despite its popularity amongst the A-list, veganism is still a diet shrouded by misconception. In The Happy Vegan, Simmons clears up common misunderstandings and apprehensions some have about abstaining from animal products and presents three fundamental reasons for why you should adopt this lifestyle today:

  1. It increases energy, vitality and health while helping protect against killers like heart disease and cancer.
  2. It is the best way to protect Mother Earth against the terrible damage wreaked upon it by factory farming. Indeed, it is impossible to be a true environmentalist without being a vegan.
  3. By not eating animal products, you disconnect your karma from the suffering and violence inflicted everyday on billions of animals.

The Happy Vegan is an empowering, emotional, and inspiring testament to a misunderstood but celebrated movement. Join Russell Simmons and make the move today to a more successful, focused, compassionate, and happy life.

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