So, is there a “right way” and a “wrong way” to approach posture with meditation? Well, there are a million forms of meditation in the world…new practices popping up daily. But even amongst these different forms you will see some major similarities…Why is this? Because there are some basic elements of “meditation posture’ that are employed across the globe in order to calm the mind and align the body. ~The first look at posture brings us to “sitting down”…our world has us accustomed to sitting in a chair. The body naturally conforms into this position. But when it comes to sitting on the floor, some people find it difficult…at first. POSTURE-cushion There are variations of sitting cross-legged…it is always best to have a “meditation cushion” of sorts. It is worth the money to invest in a proper meditation cushion if you plan on meditating consistently. Of course, you can use some household cushions (bed pillows, throws etc) but they will take some adjusting and getting used to…they are not made to support this posture…so it is best to buy the right thing!